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Are you headed into a long weekend but single and not sure what to do? Do you not have any plans? If you’re looking for something new to try, eHarmony might be worth looking into…and not just for this long weekend either.

If you’re not familiar with them, eHarmony is an online dating service that provides a unique experience to dating online in that they match you based on your personality. This is great in one sense because some of the issues that exist on other dating services (such as women getting bombarded with spam emails) can generally be avoided.

However, because of the limitations of the free account, it can at times be difficult to judge if the service would be something you’d want to pay for. This is in part because when you sign up for a free account, you can review your matches but you can’t communicate with them. Since the communication process is one of things most unique about eHarmony (and one of it’s selling points), you often aren’t able to test one of the best parts of the service.

It my theory that eHarmony provides their “free weekends”, at least in part, to address that issue. eHarmony provides an opportunity through these weekends where you can communicate with your matches to better determine if the service is right for you…or if you’re lucky find someone to go on a date with before the weekend is over!

OK…But What’s This Have to do Long Weekends??

You might be wondering how this relates to holiday weekends. Well, for about the last year, eHarmony has been consistently providing their “free weekends” on three-day weekends or other holidays. For example, they’ve recently provided extended free weekends around Thanksgiving (November), Christmas (December), President’s Day (January), Valentine’s Day (February), St. Patrick’s Day (March) and, as I write this now, Memorial Day.

So, if you’re single this holiday weekend and haven’t ever checked them out, it could be a great time to give eHarmony a try. Plus, if this weekend happens to be a bad weekend for you, no worries: the odds are that the next time there’s a long-weekend or a holiday, you can check back at eHarmony and find an opportunity to try the service out then as well. They’ve been very consistent with the pattern for the last year or more. That’s not to say that there’s a guarantee that it will be this way forever, but I have seen nothing that suggests it’s going to end any time soon.

Other Advice on eHarmony

If you’re new to eHarmony, I’ve written some other articles that might be interesting to you on using the service:

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But I’m Busy this Weekend…

If this long-weekend won’t work for you, that’s okay. As I mentioned before, the pattern of free time on holiday weekends has become so consistent that you can be confident that you will have more opportunities in the future. That said, if you find the idea of trying eHarmony interesting but can’t this time, I would still recommend that you sign-up for a free account. When you do this, eHarmony will email you when free weekends are occurring in the future.



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