eHarmony Free Communication Weekend, November 2017: eHarmony is having a Free Communication Weekend! This free communication weekend begins the morning of Wednesday, November 22nd and runs until the end of the day on Monday, November 27th, 2017. This free event is only for those living in the US.

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As with many of the free “weekends”, this event goes beyond an actual weekend and gives you six days to try the service. This will kick off the holiday season with a free weekend over Thanksgiving and it’s very likely (if they follow patterns from previous years) that there will also be free weekends around Christmas and the New Year as well.

eHarmony Free Weekends Over the Last Few Years

Over the last year or so, eHarmony has concentrated many of their free weekends around holidays. This free weekend follows that trend as it is tied to New Year’s Day (or is close enough). Last year seemed to have most free events tied to holidays, but not all of them (for example, the free event on August 15th wasn’t related to a holiday). eHarmony is being very generous, compared to previous years, with the amount of free time they are providing to try the service. Because of that, there’s more opportunities to try the free weekends, which I hope is helpful to those curious to try the service.

In 2014, almost every single month has had a free communication weekend which is a great reason to create a free account at eHarmony: even if you’re not interested in subscribing at this time, a free event each month will give you a chance to try the service out on a regular basis.


As you can see below, eHarmony has provided tons of free events in 2013. Compared to 2012, eHarmony has greatly increased the frequency of free events and it seems they may continue this in 2014. Obviously, the frequency of these free events makes it a great time to sign up for a free account if you’ve not done so yet as you’ll be able to take advantage of each of these (plus they email you when the free events are occurring once you have a profile created).


In 2012, we saw much more consistent free events than we saw in 2011 for eHarmony. It seems that in most months we had a free event of some type (and if not, there’s a free weekend every other month). We also saw a pattern where the free weekends were around US holidays, which is helpful for planning as long as that pattern stays consistent.

I like when eHarmony provides more frequent events even if they are shorter. I feel this way because eHarmony is a great service…but it’s difficult for people to know this prior to actually subscribing. I feel these free weekends are pretty important for many people in regards to helping them recognize if the the dating service would be a good fit for them or not. So I’m glad that in 2012 we’ve seen these free events on a regular basis.

History of Free Communication Weekends and Events at eHarmony

Below is a collection of archived posts discussing eHarmony free weekends that have occurred in the past. You can find a full list of all free events discussed at this site here.

Update: I’ve stopped updating this list as I don’t believe it was helpful to anyone, but below is several years of history for those interested. If I’m wrong and this was valuable, leave me a comment below.

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eHarmony Free Weekend February 2015

This free communication weekend started on February 12th and ran until February 16th, running over the Valentine’s Day weekend.

eHarmony Free Weekend January 2015

The first free weekend in 2015 ran from January 2nd to January 7th. January is the busiest time for online dating services so this free weekend was given at a particularly valuable time.

The second eHarmony event of January began on January 23rd and finished on January 26th, 2015. With two free events in January there were a total of ten days in January that were free to try the dating service.

eHarmony Free Weekend November 2014

This eHarmony free weekend began Thursday, November 27th and ran until December 1st. This was the first free weekend in about two months for eHarmony and it sas a return to having the free weekend occurr around a US holidays

September 2014

The free communication weekend for September (technically the end of August too) began on Thursday, August 28th and ran until the end of the day on Monday, September 1st. This was the second free weekend that had free days in the month of August, with the previous free event happening about two weeks prior to this one. That means that through the last fifteen days of August, eHarmony was free to use for eight of those days.

eHarmony Free Weekend August 2014

eHarmony had a Free Communication Weekend which beginning the morning of Friday, August 15th and ending at end of the day on Monday, August 18th. This was the second free weekend in July 2014 at eHarmony, although the first was for Australia instead of the US.

eHarmony (Second) Free Weekend July 2014

This free weekend ran from Thursday, July 24th until the end of the day on Sunday, July 27th. This was the second free event in July for those in the US.

eHarmony Free Weekend July 2014

This eHarmony Free Weekend started Thursday, July 3rd and ended on Monday, July 7th 2014. This free event once again picked up the pattern of free events over holidays, in this case the July 4th weekend in the US.

eHarmony Free Weekend June 2014

The eHarmony free weekend for June 2013 ran from Thursday June 19th to Monday June 22nd. This was the first free event in quite some time that didn’t seem to be tied to a holiday event (although maybe I just missed the holiday?)

eHarmony Free Weekend May 2014

The event in may started on May 22nd and ended on Monday, May 26th 2014. Looking back, it appears that there has been a free event at eHarmony every single month for the last two years. That’s consistent!

eHarmony Free Weekend March 2014

This free weekend rand from Thursday, March 13th to Monday, March 17th. This fell around St. Patrick’s day, continuing the pattern of free events happening during holidays.

eHarmony Free Weekend February 2014

eHarmony Free Weekend, February 2014: eHarmony had a Free Communication Weekend starting Thursday, February 13th and running until the end of the day on Monday, February 17th.

eHarmony Free Weekend January 2014

eHarmony had their first Free Communication Event for 2014 starting Thursday, January 16th and running until the end of the day on Sunday, January 19st. Since we’re still in the peak season for online dating (which starts with the New Year), it’s a great time to give the free weekend a try. Even if you’ve used eHarmony in the past but felt it wasn’t for you, it would be a great time to log back in and see what the opportunities look like this time.

eHarmony Free Weekend December 2013

eHarmony helped singles ring in the new year by giving a Free Communication Event from Thursday, December 26th, 2013 to the end of the day on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014. This free event ran a full seven days. Considering the fact that the new year is a time of year where the number of people using online dating services grows dramatically, this free event occurred at one of the best times possible.

eHarmony Free Weekend November 2013

eHarmony celebrated Thanksgiving by giving a free communication weekend that started on Thursday, November 21st and ran until the end of the day on Monday, November 25th, 2013. Technically, this free weekend didn’t fall on Thanksgiving but given eHarmony’s pattern of tying free weekends to US holidays, I’m going to say it was close enough!

eHarmony Free Weekend October 2013

eHarmony celebrated Halloween by giving a Free Communication Eekend…um, I mean a Free Communication Weekend that started on Thursday, October 30th and ran until the end of the day on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013.

eHarmony Free Weekend September 2013

This eHarmony weekend started Thursday, September 26th and ran until the end of the day on Sunday, September 29th, 2013. This event was the second time in a month where eHarmony had a free weekend that ran from a Thursday to a Sunday (which is new) and it marked the thirteenth month in a row where eHarmony has provided some type of free weekend or free time.

eHarmony Free Weekend August/September 2013

eHarmony had a free communication weekend from August 29th to the end of the day on Monday, September 2nd, 2013. This event fell back in line with eHarmony’s approach this year of having the weekends during US holidays although this was available to people in both the US and Canada. This marks twelve months in a row where eHarmony has provided some type of free weekend.

eHarmony Free Weekend August 2013

This free weekend started Thursday, August 15th and ran until Sunday, August 18th, 2013. This event was open to to both the US and Canada and it marked twelve months in a row where eHarmony has had some type of free event (with several months having multiple events as can be seen below)

eHarmony Free Weekend July 2013

eHarmony had a free communication weekend that started on July 4th and ran July 8th, 2013. This event was only open to those in the US and marked the eleventh month in a row where eHarmony has provided some type of free weekend. This was the second time in two weeks that eHarmony is providing an opportunity to try their service for free in the US.

eHarmony also had a second free weekend in July that ran from July 25th to July 28th and this one was open to both the US and Canada.

eHarmony Free Weekend June 2013

eHarmony had a free communication weekend starting on June 28th that ran until the end of the day on June 30th, 2013. This event was open to those in the US and Canada. This marks the tenth month in a row where eHarmony has provided some type of free weekend.

eHarmony Free Event May 2013

eHarmony had a free communication weekend from May 23rd to the end of the day on May 27th, 2013. This was the fourth month in a row where eHarmony has had a free 5-day event/weekend and it’s the 9th month in a row where they’ve had some type of free event (with two in February this year).

eHarmony Free Event April 2013

eHarmony is had this free communication weekend from April 12th to April 16th, 2013. This was the third month in a row where eHarmony has had a free 5-day event/weekend. Over the past several months, eHarmony has also been placing their free weekends around holidays…although this time it looks like they’re breaking that pattern (unless this is in observance of Tax day!) Note that this free weekend is available for the US as well as Canada.

eHarmony Free Event March 2013

eHarmony had a free communication weekend from March 14th to March 18th. This was the second month in a row where eHarmony had a 5-day free event/weekend (with the previous occurring on Valentine’s day). As has been the pattern recently, eHarmony continues to schedule the free weekends on holidays, in this case St. Patrick’s Day…although it might just be a coincidence this time!

eHarmony Free Event February 2013

This free communication weekend started on February 14th and ran to February 18th. That free 5-day weekend was especially nice as it covered Valentine’s Day as well as President’s Day in the us (which many of us had off work).

eHarmony Free Tuesdays January/February 2013

eHarmony is having a free Tuesday event for the end of January and the beginning of February. This free communication event spans three weeks giving you the evening on one day free each week. The free days this time are:

  • January 22nd, 2013
  • January 29th, 2013
  • February 5th, 2013

eHarmony Free Communication Event January 2013

eHarmony had a six-day free communication weekend starting at the beginning of the day on Thursday, January 3rd and running until the end of the day on Tuesday, January 8th 2013. This was a return to the traditional free event as opposed to the free Tuesdays from the month before.

eHarmony Free Communication Tuesdays December 2012

In December 2012, eHarmony had Tuesdays evenings as the free event. This included Tuesday the 4th, 11th and 18th.

eHarmony Free Communication Event November 2012

This month we see the return of the “traditional” free weekend (as opposed to last months Free Tuesdays). As has been the case for most of 2012, the free weekend aligned with a US holiday, this time being near Thanksgiving.

This free event was available to both those in the US and Canada.

eHarmony Free Weekdays, October 2012

In a twist on the approach of “normal” eHarmony free weekends, eHarmony instead started handing out free weekdays (mostly Tuesdays with a Thursday thrown in). In addition to changing the day structure, they also only alerted people a few hours in advance as opposed to a few days in advance with the free weekends.

On one hand, this approach may have benefited those who were diligent as each week they had a chance to continue conversations started the previous week. On the other hand, this approach seemed to make it difficult to promote the event (unless you have a profile in which case they’ll email you).

eHarmony Free Communication Event August/September 2012

This free weekend started on August 31st and ran until September 3rd, 2012. This “free weekend” was actually free event that ran over 4 days.

eHarmony Free Communication Event July 2012

US: Once again, the US is following up a Canadian free weekend on the following week. The free event is 5 days long and runs from Wednesday July 4th to Sunday July 8th.

eHarmony Free Communication Event June/July 2012

Canada: The Canada eHarmony free weekend started June 29th and ran until July 2nd, 2012. This free event was only for Canada and was a 4-day event.

eHarmony Free Communication Event May 2012

Canada: The Canada eHarmony free weekend started May 18th and ran until May 21th, 2012. This free event was only for Canada and was a 4-day event.

US: The US free weekend started May 25th and ran until May 28th. Just like the Canadian free weekend the week before, this is a free 4-day event that runs over a holiday.

Signup to Try the Free Weekend

eHarmony Free Communication Event March 2012

The free weekend for eHarmony in March happens starting on March 16th and ends on March 17th. This is the second month in a row with a 4-day free event and the third month in a row where eHarmony has had a free event.

eHarmony Free Communication Event February 2012

This eHarmony free weekend runs from February 17th to February 20th, 2012. This is a 4-day free event and the second event at eHarmony in the last two months.

eHarmony Free Communication Event December 2011/January 2012

A free event to ring in 2012! This free weekend runs from December 30th until January 2nd for a four-day free weekend.

eHarmony Free Communication Event September 2011

eHarmony is having a free weekend starting September 2nd and running until September 5th 2011. The free event will begin at the start of Friday the 2nd (right at midnight) and will run until 11:59PM on Monday the 5th. This free event is open to residents in the U.S. and Canada.

This is the first free weekend in over 3 months with the last happening back at the end of May. I’ve receiving quite a few emails over the summer from readers wondering when the next free weekend was going to be and if the number of contacts I’ve received are any measure, I expect this weekend to have a lot of people logging into eHarmony.

This means it’s a great opportunity to log back into your account (or create a brand new one). Best of luck to all those giving eHarmony a try this weekend!

eHarmony Free Communication Event March 2011

There will be a free weekend from May 27th to May 30th 2011 for Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S. I’m seeing very little additional promotion for this free event but I’m assuming we can trust eHarmony’s twitter feed!

It’s been many months since the last eHarmony weekend so I was actively searching to see if I was missing a free event when I found this information. In the past I had recommended readers sign up for a free account so they could receive emails directly from eHarmony however peharps eHarmony has changed their approach and it would be better to follow them on twitter and like the on Facebook.

Time will tell but in this case the traditional methods I used to be alerted of these free events sent me nothing in regards to this.

eHarmony Free Communication Event February 2011

January/February 2011: The current eHarmony event is a full month of free guided communication. This free communication event begins January 28th and will be running until February 28th. This means the entire month of February is covered by this event. This free event open to U.S. residents (sorry Canada!). Note that this is a free guided communication event.

eHarmony Free Communication Event January 2011

eHarmony is having another free event (the second one this December) starting December 27th 2010 and running until 11:59PM on January 2nd 2011. Note that this is a guided event. If you’ve been thinking of trying eHarmony specifically or online dating in general, January is a great time to try as it is one of the most active times of the year for singles to be using online dating services.

eHarmony Free Communication Events December 2010

This eHarmonyfree communication weekend begins December 3rd and runs until December 12th 2010. This free event appears to only be open to residents of the U.S. and also note that this is a free guided communication event.

eHarmony Free Communication Events November 2010

The most recent eHarmony free communication weekends have been split into separate events for the U.S. and Canada. Both occur for November 2010:

eHarmony Canada
eHarmony’s current free communication weekend for Canada starts Monday November 1st and runs through Tuesday November 30th. This is 30 days of free communication for Canadian users.

eHarmony U.S.
eHarmony’s current free event for the U.S. begins at 12:01AM on Friday, November 5th and ends at 11:59PM on Sunday, November 14th, which is a full 10-day free event.

eHarmony Free Communication 10 Day Event: Oct 1st to 10th

eHarmony is having another free weekend, actually a free 10-day event, from October 1st to October 10th 2010. This free eHarmony event is only users available to U.S. residents. The event officially begin at 12:01AM on Friday the 1st and will end at 11:59PM on Sunday the 10th. That’s a very generous amount of time to give the service a try and see what you think of it.

I say this every time but I’ll say it again: I feel it is better to sign up before the free event begins as opposed to waiting for Friday the 1st. This is because you can still create your profile and get a general feel for the service before the free event. Plus you’ll collect matches during this time and you can plan who you want to contact when the event begins. On a similar note, if you’ve already signed up for eHarmony in the past but have turned off matching be sure to turn it back on! May as well start collecting matches as early as you can.

Issues with the Last 10-Day Event

I just wanted to give a warning about the last 10-day event for the US: users were only able to communicate through the guided communication. Once they arrived at the point where they would be sending each other emails they were prompted to subscribe. Normally on the free events, you had always been able to communicate through the entire process.

At this point, I’m not sure if this free event will operate the same way or not. I’m hoping this is really 10-days free with the entire communication process available. eHarmony is advertising this as their “Largest 10 Day Free Communication Event for the US”. Since there was a 10-day event in July and they’re saying this is the biggest, hopefully that means this one will operate like the “normal” eHaromny communication weekends.

eHarmony Canada Free Weekend October 2010

eHarmony Canada is having a free weekend starting this Friday the 8th at 12:01am and running until Monday the 11th at 11:59pm.

In this case, eHarmony has separated the U.S. and Canada free events into two separate promotions (although your guess is as good as my as to why). The U.S. event is running a full ten days, although we’re in the middle of that event right now. You can see more about the U.S. event here.

One quick warning: lately, eHarmony has been having free events with “new” rules. It has always been the case that you can’t see photos on these free events but you have been able to go through the entire communication process. Lately though, some of the free events are only allowing you to go through the guided communication portion of eHarmony…which means you are not able to move to the email step where you communicate as you wish.

It’s not clear to me which set of rules the Canadian event will be using although I can tell you that the U.S. event is using the “new” rules. Just be aware of this possible change when signing up.

eHarmony Free Communication Weekend, September 3rd – 6th 2010

eHarmony is having another free weekend from September 3rd to September 6th, over this coming Labor Day weekend. The event will be available to both U.S. and Canada residents and will begin at 12:01AM on Friday the 3rd and will end at 11:59PM on Monday the 6th. This means the free “weekend” is actually four days long this time.

Last time eHarmony had a free weekend it was 10 days, although in that case the free event didn’t include email communication. It appears that eHarmony has gone back to the “normal” free weekend this time giving a shorter time period but allowing singles to communicate through the entire eHarmony process.

I think this is a good move: while 10 days sounds great, if you can’t take the conversation to the next stage its nearly impossible to actual end up going on a date. While the 4 days will go by quickly, it still gives someone who is committed the opportunity to (hopefully) line up a date or two. We’ll have to wait and see if eHarmony will continue to bounce back and forth between these two “free weekend” models or if they’ll stick with their original now and the 10 day was only an experiment.

Beat the Rush…

As I always say, if you’re reading this early, I recommend signing up prior to the free event as opposed to waiting for Friday to arrive. This is because the sign up process will take you some time and also by signing up early you can start to collect matches now and decide who you want to talk to. Also, if you have a 9 to 5 job, on Friday morning you could quickly send out a few communication requests and get the ball rolling while you’re away at work. Hopefully you’ll even have some communication waiting on you when you get home!

eHarmony Free Communication Weekend, July 23rd – Aug 1st 2010

This eHarmony free communication weekend is far more than a weekend – it’s a full 10-days of free communication. The Free Communication Weekend begins at 12:01AM on Friday, July 23nd and ends at 11:59PM on Sunday, August 1st. Please note that this free event is only available to the United States. See this post for more details on this event.

eHarmony Free Weekend: July 2 – 5 2010

eHarmony’s next free weekend is July 2nd until July 5th 2010. If you are new to eHarmony, during the eHarmony Free Communication Weekends you can communicate with all of your matches absolutely FREE. While eHarmony almost always refers to these events as weekends, there are actually 4 days of free communication for you to take advantage of (so it is more of a free long-weekend). Generally the events begin at 12AM of the first date and end at 11:59PM of the last (local time in both cases).

As I am quick to repeat during these free weekends, it is best to sign up earlier rather than later. Not just for the obvious reason (because you want to take advantage of the full event) but also because eHarmony provides the matches you can communicate with. The last thing you want is to sign up on Friday only to receive a few matches. I also like the idea of signing up early because you can plan who you want to communicate with while you are waiting for the free weekend to arrive (and trust me, these free events always go by quicker than you want them to.

If you are on the fence about trying eHarmony, now is the best time to find out if it is for you. While four days isn’t the longest amount of time you could hope for, it is long enough that I think you will see the value in the service. And if you don’t find value in the service, at least you won’t have to wonder any longer and can just move on. Personally, I think having an eHarmony account is worth having even if you only use it just for these free weekends. While you would have to be very lucky to find that special someone in 4 days, stranger things have happened. My wife met me using a 3-day free trial so it does happen!

eHarmony Free Weekend: May 2010

Another free eHarmony weekend is upon us. Free communication events are available for both eHarmony U.S and eHarmony Canada for May 2010. During these free events, eHarmony users can communicate for FREE with their matches. The sooner you register, the longer you’ll have to communicate for free so if you are considering trying the service out don’t hesitate for too long. When you sign up, no credit card will be required: the free events at eHarmony really are free!

eHarmony 10-Day Free Event for Canada – May 21st – May 31
For the first time that I am aware of, eHarmony will be offering a full 10-days for free although only to Canadians (or is it Canadiens?). From 12:01AM on Friday, May 21st to 11:59PM on Sunday, May 30th users of the Canadian eHarmony service will be able to use the service in its entirety for free. This is the longest free event for eHarmony that I am aware of so those in Canada who are interested should consider themselves lucky!

eHarmony Free Weekend for the U.S. – May 28th – May 30st
U.S. Free Communication Weekend begins at 12:01AM on Friday, May 28th and ends at 11:59PM on Monday, May 31st. Note that while the Candians are getting a much better deal, U.S. member are actually getting 4 full days so everyone is getting extra days during this free event.

eHarmony Free Weekend: March 2010

It’s time for another Free Communication Weekend at eHarmony. Starting on March 18th and running March 21st 2010, eHarmony users can communicate with all of their matches for free. This is actually 4 days of free communicating so it’s more of a Free Communication Long Weekend. The Free Communication Weekend officially begins at 12:01AM on Thursday, March 18th and ends on Sunday, March 21st at 11:59PM. This promotion is available for both the eHarmony in the United States and also for singles in Canada.

Remember that the communication process at eHarmony generally takes longer than at other free services so to give yourself the best opportunity you will want to start communicating on Thursday. Even sending out some communication requests Thursday morning before you head off for work could give you a big head-start on moving the communication along.

For those interested in making the most of this free weekend, check out my recent post where I discuss making the most of a free trial. I discuss Chemistry’s Free Trial in this article but the same rules apply for the eHarmony Free Events.

If you want to learn more about other free dating events, I keep a list of all the free events at popular dating services that I’ve discussed on this site . Good luck to all those who will be participating in the free weekend!

eHarmony Free Weekend: February 2010

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, eHarmony is having a free weekend from February 11th to February 15th 2010. This should actually be considered a free event since it runs 5 days instead of the more common 3 days.

This free event has the opportunity to be one of the bigger free weekends at eHarmony considering the timing so if you’ve never signed up, now might be a good time to try. As I’ve recommended in the past, I think it’s best to sign up a little before the free weekend so you can get more matches as others sign up over the free days. In other words, if you plan on signing up I’d recommend that you not delay until the actual first free day.

For those new to the free weekend, normally eHarmony allows you to create your personality profile and view other profiles but you are not permitted to communicate with anyone. On these free weekends, the entire service is at your disposal. This is great since the service is unique in its communication process but most people don’t get to experience that before they pay. These free weekends provide a nice way to test-drive the service and see if it meets your needs. If all this is new to you, I talk about the pro’s and con’s of this type of service in my online dating guide.

This Free Communication Weekend officially begins at 12:01AM on Thursday, February 11th and ends at 11:59PM on Monday, February 15th. This event is open to both the US and Canada.

eHarmony Free Communication Events: Dec 30th to Jan 3rd

Once again, eHarmony is having a free “weekend” although in this case the weekend is five full days. From Wednesday December 30th 2009 to Sunday January 3rd 2010 all users will be able to communicate freely.

This is only the second time in the last six months that eHarmony has provided a free event lasting more than a weekend (the last time was back in October). It may appear that I’m stating the obvious but these extended events are extremely beneficial. The amount of time it takes to move through the communication process at eHarmony is much longer than with some of the standard dating services. A weekend is often simply no long enough to have substantial communication.

For example, when Lavalife has a free weekend, users can ask other singles out in their first email. This approach can’t normally be taken with a service like eHarmony since the communication is far more controlled. However, with five days to work with, finishing the communication process with a few people is within reason.

If you already have an account with eHarmony, a free event is coming! Be sure to review the matches you’ve received lately to decide who you’ll be contacting when the event begins. Time will be of the essence even with those extra days. If you’ve not created an account at eHarmony, I would recommend doing so now (be sure to have an hour to devote to this since the personality test takes some time). The sooner you sign up, the longer you’ll have to receive matches which in-turn means you’ll have more opportunity when December 30th arrives.

eHarmony Free Communication Weekend: November 2009

eHarmony is having another free communication weekend starting at 12:01AM on November 19th and running until 11:59PM on Sunday, November 22nd. This free weekend also appears to be open to eHarmony Canada members.

Over the last few months, eHarmony has had a free event at least once a month, including a free 5-day event a few weeks ago. If you still haven’t yet created your free profile you might want to consider doing so…no reason to miss out on these fairly frequent events. You can sign up when a free weekend happens but if you already have a profile you’ll already have matches by the time the free weekends roll around.

eHarmony Free Communication Event: October 2009

Wow….lots of free this and free that this month with the dating services! First there was the first ever Lavalife free email weekend, then another free weekend at (the second free weekend in less than a month) and now eHarmony is having its first “Free Communication Event”. eHarmony is know for its free weekends and this approach make sense. This is because many of the benefits the dating site provides can never be seen unless you’re actually a member. These free weekends provide everyone with a glimpse of what all the fuss is about.

Hopefully you took my advice during the eHarmony free weekend in September and created your profile so you’ll already have matches going into this five-day event. If not, better to sign up sooner rather than later as I suspect eHarmony is going to be seeing a massive influx of sign-ups of the next few days (and being there early may increase your odds of being matched when this influx begins).

I’m not sure what’s going on this month but it appears that every online dating service is trying to one-up the next…a very good thing for all the singles out there!

eHarmony Canada Free Weekend: October 2009

Just a quick update: this weekend will be a free communication weekend for eHarmony Canada. I talked about my thoughts on the free weekends here but I’ll say again here there’s several good reasons for trying it out. If you’ve never tried eHarmony and live in Canada, now would be a great time to see what it’s all aboot. Keep in mind that you can sign up before the weekend begin (and you may want to because the personality test can take quite some time to fill out).

eHarmony Free Communication Weekend: September 2009

Occasionally eHarmony offers a free weekend where you can communicate with all the matches you receive. The next free weekend is this coming weekend and communication is free from September 4th to September 7th. The sign-up process at eHarmony takes longer than most dating sites because of the extensive questionnaire. Because of this, it’s a good idea to sign up ahead of time so you can take advantage of the full weekend.

Even if you are reading this and have missed the free weekend it’s not a bad idea to sign up even if you don’t plan on subscribing. This is because you will accumulate matches over time and then when the next free weekend comes around you’ll have a wide selection of people you can contact.

To be honest, I’m all for subscribing but eHarmony is one of the more expensive dating services. I think that eHarmony’s idea of free weekends is a good thing because many people are discouraged by the cost of the service when they compare it to others. Still, that extra cost can be worth it considering the level of service the site provides with its matching system. Most people never realize this though since you can sign up but never get to experience the communication process. The free weekends are a nice way to give singles a taste of the eHarmony communication process…however, eHarmony doesn’t market these free weekends very strongly. It seemed like when I was dating online I always heard about the free weekends long after they were over.

I think the best way to take advantage of the free weekends is to sign up even if you are not going to subscribe. Doing this, eHarmony should then alert you through email of the free weekends plus you’ll have the added benefit I described above by having a significant number of matches by the time you receive that email. I used eHarmony when I started dating online and I thought it was great but since I lived in the middle of the woods and didn’t want a long distance relationship I never got very many matches. Most others I have talked to have had better experiences getting matches so even without the free weekend I think the price is worth it. This is especially true if you’re new to online dating because they really making meeting people as easy as possible.

Sign up for eHarmony today.


  1. arnold  August 14, 2010

    i like to know the next free communication on

  2. Brad  August 14, 2010

    Hi Arnold,

    I don’t know when the next one will be. I generally find out when eHarmony sends out an email a few days before the event begins. I believe everyone who creates an account at eHarmony receives this notification (although you may have to specifically allow them to send you emails when setting you options when signing up).

  3. bummed  September 5, 2010

    Its as fake as its ads. They still ask you to use a credit card to send an email. Its all preselected choices, the use a credit card to sent a real email. So nothing really changed, its not a free communication , and ts not as advertised no credit card. Ha ha ! Should have een April fool’s free communication weekend.

  4. Shiela  September 5, 2010

    I tried a free communication weekend for September and it was a complete farce. I couldn’t message or contact anyone. I kept emailing their support service who came back at me with the same introductory phrase and then spouting subscriptions. What FREE communcation??? I didn’t experience any. I think it is a ploy to get people to register their details and make people think they have more members.

  5. Brad  September 5, 2010

    Quick note: the two comments above are referencing the September 2010 “free” event

    bummed/Shiela: I’m sorry to hear this is the case…I had hoped they were going to go back to what I would consider to be the real free communication weekends and that August 2010 was just an experiment. Just to be clear: you’re able to communicate through the guided communication but as soon as it gets to the email part, the ability to communicate ends, correct? I mention this because you *can’t* jump straight to email on any of the free weekends and if you’re trying to it wouldn’t work.

    Anyone else experiencing problems?

  6. Joan  September 6, 2010

    Had the same frustrations, Couldn’t do anything past exchanging ice breakers. I wasn’t even able to look at the responses to a set of pre-selected questions sent to a match. Doesn’t motivate me to sign up, they need to live up to what they offer. Waste most of my time this weekend trying to figure out what I must be doing wrong. Very disappointed.

  7. Brad  September 6, 2010

    Thanks for the update Joan. My only thought is that most people are going to have the same response as you and eHarmony will need to go back to the old model where people could actually talk to each other. If you convince people to give the service a try and only end up frustrating them, I doubt you’re going to have much success.

  8. David  September 7, 2010

    Unlike some other posters, I had a great first experience with eHarmony during their free weekend. No credit card required. True, I wasn’t able to communicate directly at first, but that is on purpose. eHarmony wants us to get to know each other thru “guided communication” first. So after we each answered each others questions (and you have to go through about 3 rounds of this), we each had free access to “eHarmony mail” which is like email but without disclosing my email address. At that point, we each traded our real email addresses and were able to continue the conversation outside eHarmony.

    I did have one glitch were one match (who is a paid subscriber) invited my to bypass the 3 rounds of questions and go straight to eHarmony mail. Somehow, the database got messed up and now I can’t communicate with her at all. She probably thinks I”m not interested. I emailed support and after about 24 hours I got a reply that they see the problem and are working on it. I also called support and was surprized they answered on the first ring. But the free weekend is over and they haven’t fixed it yet, so “Susan” will have to wait till the next free weekend in a month or two to get to know me.

    I meet a couple ladies on eHarmony who are long-time members but never paid subscribers. They just wait for free weekends like this one to meet guys. Works for me.

  9. Brad  September 7, 2010

    Thanks for your experience David. Everything I’ve found suggests that the September free event should have worked as you said. Still, it’s clear that at least some of the users were having problems.

    If anyone else has thoughts or experiences on the previous free weekend I’d appreciate your thoughts. Maybe it really was just a few users who were (for whatever reason) unable to use the service? I did some Googling and didn’t find major complaints on the September free weekend so I’m not sure what to think.

  10. trishelle porter  October 4, 2010

    I did the free communication wknd as well…its just a tease…big deal you get to do the first 3 steps…free communicating…should be once you past the 3 steps you should be able to communicate somehow…not dangle the potential man of my dreams in front of my face then go haha sucker to bad you can afford the money to pay for the site…cause its stuck in limbo til you fork out the money.

    free should mean free….its like tell a kid here you go…free candy…have a taste…you like it? well pay for it now and you can enjoy the rest.

  11. Brad  October 6, 2010

    Yeah, it seems that eHarmony is bouncing back and forth between what the rules of the free weekend will be. Were I still dating online, I know I would be annoyed with the new rules that you’re running into where communication halts before the email stage. My hope is that eHarmony will recognize how much this is annoying people and will move back to the old system.

  12. Mary  October 10, 2010

    In response to the eHarmony free communication event. I did a month paid membership months ago and was disappointed with the response and integrity of the responses. But I thought I’d give them another chance. What a terrible thing. I didn’t realize initially that as a free communication person I wouldn’t be able to see the photos of the members. BAD,bad, bad on so many levels. But I went ahead anyway. Communicated with one very nice man, seemed to click, since I wanted to see what he looked like we exchanged emails. Beauty (or handsome) is in the eye of the beholder, but sadly, there was absolutely no way this nice man would ever appeal to me. I’m no spring chicken and know what appeals to me! That was a huge disappointment to us both…but unfair to their paying people as well!! I was hesitant and only responded to one other person. He ended up being someone I’d communicated with on another site and neither of us was interested in the other. This is awkward and not the way to do things. I will probably stay away from eharmony in the future.

  13. Kristine  April 10, 2011

    does anyone know when eharmony will have free weekend.

  14. Brad  April 10, 2011

    Kristine – eHarmony doesn’t normally announce their free weekends too far in advance. That being said, I would expect to see one soon. The last free eHarmony weekend was in February and they don’t normally go more than a month or two without one. Granted, the last one was for the entire month of February but I still anticipate we’ll see one within the next few weeks. Time will tell, though.

  15. desiree  July 7, 2011

    I did the work to join EHarmony but never paid. I don’t have the funds right now. However, I have tons of men trying to contact me and are nudging me. I’ve never done a free weekend, either. So, big question. HOW ETHICAL IS IT TO GIVE MY PROFILE TO PAYING EHARMONY CUSTOMER? They don’t know that I am INACTIVE. Has anyone caught on to this immoral business? I feel bad for them. I did EHarmony 2 years ago and was suspicious of this & these customers are paying hundreds of dollars to get INACTIVE profiles. Too bad.

  16. Brad  July 7, 2011

    Desiree, eHarmony started showing paying members “last active” information so as long as you’re not logging into your account they wouldn’t have the problem you describe. It would be very clear that you are inactive. If you’re logging into your account every week then I guess it might be confusing to them but honestly I think eHarmony isn’t having any ethical issues here.

  17. Julia  September 5, 2011

    I would love to get notices when the next free weekend is, is that possible?

  18. Brad  September 9, 2011

    Julia – eHarmony normally reveals when the next free weekend is going to be a few days before it happens. So unfortunately there isn’t a calendar. If you create a free account at eHarmony they’ll email you when a free weekend is starting…aside from that you would need to be checking pages like this one from time to time.

  19. paul hayes  December 29, 2011

    what a con they say free weekend spends 30 minutes and them they want me to pay

    go away look for love myself what a con

  20. Brad  December 29, 2011

    Paul – the free weekend that you’re referring to starts on Friday. Log back into the account you created tomorrow and you should be able to contact people.

  21. Chicklet  September 24, 2017

    I find this list helpful. If I create an account (hoping guy I like is as interested as I am and that’s better than signing up) I don’t want to make a profile too soon before a free event. Like I wouldn’t want to create a profile in September when there isn’t a free event until thanksgiving.


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