How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

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Social media makes the world a smaller place by creating portals to connect individuals all over the globe. This grand feat sounds truly fantastic when imagining someone from America speaking instantly and even falling in love with someone in Australia. Relationships of all degrees have formed across the web, bringing love between people of any physical distance.

If long distance dating is your thing, then online dating has only simplified this process. Innumerable individuals ripe for connection are gathered on main social media hubs, ready for intimate depths. While long distance connections may not be the most sought out situation, there are certainly people who are seeking this relationship style, or at least open to the idea of a long distance connection.

Here are some tips on how to make long distance work for your relationship:

Use Appropriate Online Dating Platforms

Some online dating websites are designed specifically for people in close proximity. Tinder is an example of this type of platform, which primarily offers users access to profiles of the people who are in the same relative location. If you are looking to connect with someone far away, or perhaps of a different culture altogether, other websites like Plenty of Fish, okCupid, eHarmony, and will give you a better chance of finding a match.

Make Your Intentions Known

Be sure to write directly on your profile that you’re looking to develop a long distance relationship. Whether this be a friendship, a romantic connection, or erotic penpal, be clear with your intentions.

Reach Out

Even if people do not explicitly say they are looking for a long distance connection, they might be open to it. People seeking connection will recognize when they vibe well with another individual, meaning if you reach out to someone and they are attracted to your message and profile, they may open up to the idea of a long distance relationship.

Facing Rejection

The important thing is to approach your search with a relaxed attitude and an open mind, refraining from taking anything personally in regards to a rejection. People have different needs, and if someone is committed to investing in another person who is close to home, that has nothing to do with you.

Branching Away From the Online Dating Platform

Once you have connected with one or more people, it is important to allow the connection to truly deepen and grow by branching away from the platform you met each other on. Speaking primarily through e-mail is popular, as is connecting on Facebook chat if you are comfortable sharing your network and profile. You can also make the connection grow by turning to phone calls or video chat, which adds a highly personal dimension. How about turning to traditional snail mail? Nothing speaks romance like a handwritten letter!

Long Distance Date Ideas

There are actually an abundant of exciting things you can do to connect with a long distance lover or friend. Here are a few ideas:

1. Have a movie night: watch a film at the same time. You can connect through it by having a chat window open or by being connected over the phone.
2. Have a flourish deliver a bouquet of flowers to their home.
3. Record a video of you playing music and send it in an e-mail for the other to enjoy
4. Send them a handmade letter.
5. Create a playlist of music that reflects the type of connection you share. Songs about long distance love or enduring friendship are great choices.
6. Take an online course together.
7. Plan to meet for a mutual getaway, or a trip to one another’s home towns (just remember to keep safety precautions in mind).

Online dating is available to service every need in the book. Long distance connections are no exception. As long as you state your intentions and maintain an open mind, you never know who you might find or the relationship that is to blossom!



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  1. uncmn  May 27, 2017

    can i actually discern compatibility using looks

    • Brad  May 28, 2017

      uncmn – honestly, I think looks can be a part of compatibility but I don’t think you can ever fully judge compatibility just on looks.

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