eHarmony Free Weekend Starting November 27th, 2014

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eHarmony has a free weekend starting this Thursday, November 27th and running until the end of the day on Monday, December 1st 2014. As with many of the “free weekends”, this is technically more than just a weekend as there are 5 days free to try eHarmony.

If you’re not familiar with eHarmony, check out my article on how eHarmony works. As you’ll see in my article, there are some very unique features to this dating service, many of which you can’t experience unless you pay to be a subscriber to the service. Because of that, there service can have a catch-22 situation: you might be willing to pay for the service if you could try all the features, but you can only try all the features if you pay for the service.

The free weekends, in my opinion, largely solve this problem. You sign up for a free account and when a free weekend happens, you should get an email from eHarmony. You can then try out most of the features (there are still a few features that are for subscribers only, but I think you get everything important to know if the service could work for you).

Click here to try eHarmony for free this weekend

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Another comment if you’re new to the free events at eHarmony: they happen pretty often. This is why I recommend that people sign up even if the free weekend ended (maybe you’re reading this on December 2nd). The reason I say that is there’s good chance that within the next 30 days, there will be another free weekend. It’s no guarantee, but they do happen with some regularity. If you sign up for a free account, you’ll get an email when the next free weekend starts.

In some ways, the approach is a good one: you can take time to answer questions at your leisure. If you’re signing up when a free weekend is occurring, you might find yourself annoyed with how long the sign-up process takes and you might be tempted to rush through it. I think this would be a mistake, though, because eHarmony bases its matching for you heavily on that first hour or two you spend creating your profile. If there’s no free event happening, you’re less likely to rush through.

Obviously, even if you are signing up when a free weekend is happening, be sure to take your time. You’ll only miss out on an hour or so and, as I’ve said above, there’s normally another free weekend just around the corner.

Finally, if you want to see my thoughts on eHarmony, you can check out my detailed review here. While I didn’t meet my wife using this service, I found it extremely helpful for my online dating life and do credit some of my success with online dating to the approach eHarmony provided to someone who was brand new to it.



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