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Update: Sadly my interview with Fox Houston was removed, but I assure you it was awesome! 🙂

Around Valentine’s Day last month, Fox 26 in Houston interviewed me for my thoughts regarding online dating. I’ve been intending to post this for weeks now but for whatever reason I’ve never gotten around to it.

This was my first interview for TV so I was really nervous. I shouldn’t have been: we were recording on Skype and if I wanted to start over at any point I just had to say so. Still, I couldn’t shake the nervousness. But it seemed to go really well and I didn’t need any retakes. Plus all my friends and family tell me that I did a great job (and who am I to argue with them).

So, without further delay, here’s the interview (not really, they removed it):

Just one other thought on the video: I didn’t think the numbers were very clear when they were comparing the cost of dating services to other methods. I thought the video made it sound as if is $20 for 3-months when it is actually $20 per month if you sign up for 3 months (so $60). You’re still saving money but I thought the wording of the video made the services sound much cheaper than they actually are.



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