The Loneliest Days of the Week

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When I first started providing dating advice, I had assumed that I would have more visitors to my site on the weekends. My thinking was that people would be reminded of being single the most on the weekends and therefore would be looking to solve that problem then. Well, that theory turned out to be incorrect – at least as far as my site statistics are concerned. For as long as I’ve been tracking the traffic to my site I have actually seen consistent spikes in traffic on Sundays and Mondays. Below is a graph that shows 6 weeks of traffic for my site with Sundays being represented by the red line:
lonliest day of the week
Sundays are on the red lines and as you can see, when Sundays aren’t the busiest day of the week, Mondays are.

But What Does This Mean for Singles?

It turns out that people are looking for dating advice the most after the weekend has ended (well, at least the people coming to my site). Sundays and Mondays are easily my most visited days. But what does all this mean for singles that are online dating?

The truth is it may not mean much, however, these numbers would suggest that many people are the most frustrated with their single life early in the week. If that’s true, it might be most beneficial to send extra emails or other communication during Sundays and Mondays. The thought here is that on these days people are most motivated to solve their dating life “problem” and thus may be more open and interested in communicating.

Now my web site traffic only makes up a small portion of the total online dating advice searching occurring each week but after months of watching this pattern happen over and over again, I have to believe that other internet dating sites see a similar pattern. This would actually probably be best answered by OKCupid since they are the primary source for online dating statistics but I wouldn’t be surprised if they saw the same results as I am.



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