Woman Creates Personal Dating Service for…Insurance

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A woman named Terri Carlson has created her own personal online dating service called Will Marry for Health Insurance which is exactly what it sounds like (here’s a photo of her website just in case she does find that husband and brings her site down). Terri has a medical condition that costs her $300 more than she brings in every month and her current health coverage is going to be ending soon. She claims that the only qualification she has is that the man must have the best health insurance possible. Somehow, with all the press she’s getting, I suspect she’s going to find she has a few additional qualifications.

Also, while her approach is obviously creative I suspect it as much about bringing attention to people in difficult healthcare situations as it is about her actually finding a husband. If I had to guess, I’d predict that she’ll hold off on actually marrying that husband for a little while longer. I know I would take whatever time I had: you have to assume some of the men contacting her might be…unique.

Oh, and for Terri’s sake, I hope the following story by the Onion (America’s Finest News Source) isn’t true or her plans may be ruined:

New Law Would Ban Marriages Between People Who Don’t Love Each Other



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