What Is the Price of Chemistry.com Subscriptions?

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How much does it cost to join Chemistry.com? As with some other dating services, Chemistry.com is careful not to reveal their pricing until you’ve signed up and taken the personality test. This can be annoying since the test can take over 30 minutes and after you’ve spent that time finding out you can’t afford the service is frustrating. Chemistry.com subscription pricing and cost are listed below.

Chemistry.com Subscription Prices:
1 Month: $49.95
3 Months: $33.32 a month (for a total of $99.96)
6 Months: $26.65 a month (for a total of $159.90)
3 Month Promotion: 16.65 a month (for a total of $49.95)

Current Chemistry.com Promotions:
1. 3 Months for the Price of 1. This is an introductory price for new members and ends up saving you over 50% and this is what I would recommend to go with if you’re going to sign up (as I describe below).
2. 7 Days Free. For as long as I can remember, Chemistry.com has always offered free trials to new members. This is good since people new to this type of dating service will need some time to test it and decide if it is the type of service they would be interested in using.

Thoughts on the Subscription Pricing at Chemistry.com
As with most dating services, the longer you sign-up for the cheaper the monthly subscription fee is. Generally, I recommend signing up for three months. It’s easy to sign up for a single month thinking you’ll try it and stop after 30 days and then find yourself subscribing for another month. Doing this will actually lose you money. If you’re new to online dating you should know that meeting someone in the first 30 days is a long shot. As long as you can stick with dating online for 2 months, the three month plan will be the best plan (unless you absolutely know you’ll be dating online for 6-months or more). Even if you stop after two months, you’ll have paid exactly what you would have on the month-to-month plan but will save $50 if you go the full three months.

If you’re thinking of signing up for a single month, I would strongly recommend you us their current deal to get 3-months for the price of 1. I’m sure they’ll allow you to sign-up for a single month if you insist but you’ll be losing 2 good months of online dating if you do this.

I also think it’s good that Chemistry.com doesn’t have a 12-month plan because I think that is simply too long. Most singles have no idea where they’ll be relationship-wise in a year and signing up for any dating service for that long seems like a way to spend too much to me. Since Chemistry.com isn’t offering that plan, people will be able to avoid making that mistake.

A Warning Regarding Auto-Renewals
As I’ve covered before, it is common for dating services to auto-renew you at the same plan when your current plan ends. This is something to keep in mind when you sign up for any dating site plan – especially if you sign up for the 3 month promotion. For example, if you sign-up for 6 months and then meet that special someone after the fourth or fifth month, you should cancel your account so it will NOT auto-renew for another 6-months when the auto-renew time rolls around. This is something that can be easy to forget about. I am not sure what the policy is at Chemistry.com in regards to renewals but it is standard among most dating sites to auto-renew by default.

7 Day Free Promotion


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